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REVIEW of Money 11
Your Own On-line Business
Can you build it? Yes, you can!

Internet shopping is the way of today. Selling on-line has the advantage of a 24/7 International market place, far more scope than having a store in the High Street; and the beauty is that anyone can do it. Obviously, you need something to sell, whether it be goods or services, so it should just be a matter of starting up a website - easy. Well, not quite, but don't let that put you off. There are a number of aspects to consider over and above those covered in MM10 which should be read in conjunction with this; however, on-line businesses can prove more profitable because overheads are lower. As long as there are products that buyers want, and the means is available to manufacture, store and ship them, the "shop" can be run from a laptop.

Initially, the website doesn't have to be flashy, but it must look attractive; and it has to work properly. The Home or Index page shows customers what is on offer and should be thought of like those billboards that are see-at-a-glance. Images do this, whereas too many words are off-putting. Visitors will expect to be directed from here to other pages which are like departments where customers can browse through individual items, sizes, costs and special features. This is where links are important, enabling access from page to page; and these need to be immediate and hassle-free. In effect, setting up a user-friendly website is arguably the most important part of on-line selling. Making this happen, however, is a little more complex than opening up a Facebook account and posting a few pictures. For details of the ins and outs, see the full article by clicking on the link at the foot of this page.

Mentioned there is information on how to set up and get going; what may need to be done to advertise the website and keep visitors coming; and the actual money side of the venture. There is also advice on security measures needed to protect the site, and the prevention of on-line piracy.

To read the complete article or download the PDF of Money 11 click here

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