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REVIEW of Money 12

Buy Superseded and Save
Last year's model can be better value

It happens quite frequently - queues of shoppers waiting for the store to open its doors. Some of them have been there since dawn; others even camped on the footpath overnight; all there to rush in and buy the very latest touch-screen tablet. It will be high-priced, but no matter: it has loads more bells and whistles than the previous one. A short time after the flood of initial sales, the model that this gadget replaced is on special for considerably less than its original price; and is much, much cheaper than the new one. It is still a whiz, can support most of the usual apps, and comes with a full warranty, despite its age. And what might that be - all of six months? In another six, there'll be an even newer model, and so on. Sometimes it pays to wait.

The same marketing practice applies to many items. White goods, TVs and electrical, especially motor vehicles; these tend to drop in price once the latest models appear on the showroom floor. In general, there's nothing wrong with the older ones. In fact, many are better, particularly those that are second or third in a series of upgrades. By this time, the manufacturer has ironed out the glitches to produce a very reliable unit. The only reasons it has been discontinued are down to style and looks. This matters to them with their business being so competitive; and it matters to you because they have to get rid of their old stock, often at bargain prices.

There are a few things shoppers should be mindful of and these are detailed in the full article. With a little forethought and patience, superseded can mean savings, sometimes pretty considerable ones.

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