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REVIEW of Money 13

They have you in their sights

Everyone knows scams and scammers are out there, but people still get sucked in. It's probably due to our trusting nature and wanting to believe life is generally fair. So it might be, but there are plenty of low-lifes who aren't. Here are a few instances of confidence tricks that continue to go round, schemes and proposals that sound genuine until the day of reckoning when those targeted find themselves cheated and out of pocket.

Investment in new developments and businesses seems a way of eventually turning small and not-so-small sums into large profits. These are usually well-presented plans coupled with financial projections that suggest a healthy return for investors once the scheme reaches completion. That could be months or years depending on the project; never, if it happens to be a scam. If considering putting money into one of these long-term investments, check out the authenticity and track records of companies and individuals involved; and visit the proposed site of the venture if possible.

Many scams are perpetrated via the Internet or snail-mail. Congratulations, you have won a prize! That's an oldie still making scammers money - your money! Then there's the inheritance trick, having you believe that some unheard-of relative has died and left you a fortune; but there are certain expenses that have to be covered before you can claim your entitlement. Anyone who goes along with this scam will be truly out of pocket; and guess who gets the fortune...?

Personal scams are the most insidious, preying on the lonely, the aged and the vulnerable. Striking up an on-line relationship with a person in Nigeria may sound like a way to happiness; but misery is in the offing for the unwary. If your new friend asks for money, whatever it's claimed to be for, you can bet the path of true love is far from the scammer's mind. All that matters to them is a loving dip into your bank account. As for their on-line profile, quite possibly that attractive person doesn't even exist. It's a sobering thought. For a few more, look over the complete article; please do, for your own sake.

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