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REVIEW of Money 14

Your Last Will and Testament
is making a will really necessary?

Of course you are going to die sometime, but not right now. Can you be certain of that? Nobody can. So, what about your estate: the money, the bits and pieces acquired over a lifetime that you can't take with you? As a reasonably young person you might be tempted to put this issue on the back-burner; and, although you will eventually be sitting on a cloud unconcerned about what you have left behind, the same can't be said for your surviving heirs. Yes, even at your tender age, you do have them - sons, daughters, nephews, nieces, brothers, sisters and maybe your best friend and next-door neighbour. How would you feel if you left them a huge mess to sort out, maybe even caused them to be feuding over who gets what? Making a will now is the one way to ensure your passing will not be a time of regret for everyone else.

There are many aspects that you may not have considered important, but they all are. From actual cash and residential property, to furniture and possessions that could include valuable jewellery and works of art, everything you own is eventually going to pass to someone; and wouldn't it provide peace of mind to decide who that someone might be right now?

Making a will is not difficult. It can be done on the cheap with a do-it-yourself kit, or engaging a lawyer to do it for you may be the better option, especially if the estate is of considerable value. The full article lists a number of considerations that need to be addressed. Actioned sooner rather than later, the matter of what happens after you die will hopefully see you eventually resting in peace.

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