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REVIEW of Money 17

The Art of Advertising
there's more to advertising than you might think

Whatever we need to survive, for the most part it has to be purchased. Whether it be food or equipment, clothing or cars, the specific type or brand is our choice - or is it? When there are so many similar products on offer, decision-making can be difficult. No worries: the manufacturers and suppliers are there to help. The packaging carries their names and logos, along with a few encouraging words advising why their floor-cleaner does a better job than that of a rival company. Just in case you forget their name, they spray it around - on billboards, in magazines, newspapers and junk-mail; it will also interrupt your TV programmes, and make a nuisance of itself when you try to check emails and go on Facebook. Then, when you go shopping for one, which tile-scrubber are you most likely to buy? Theirs, of course! That's the power of advertising.

By this method, brands become household names: Hoover and Thermos spring to mind, and there are dozens more, making it very plain that advertising is an art that we seem to appreciate; at least, we are continually sucked in by it. Just in case we do have sufficient willpower to retain freedom of choice, they target our kids who wouldn't be seen dead in cheap sportswear - they want Reebok or Nike. And here's where they get ultra sneaky - their logo is prominently displayed on the gear that people wear around for all to see. Free advertising, thank you very much.

Talking about logos, who doesn't recognise the McDonalds "big M" when driving around? The style and design of a single word triggers an instant mental association. Kellogg's is breakfast-cereal; and the distinctive name Mars is particularly familiar to kids, even those who can't read yet. Are we being indoctrinated and brainwashed, or what? See how by reading the full article.

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