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REVIEW of Money 20

Presents - Past and Future
When giving gifts, the thought really does count

To give is better than to receive, so the saying goes, and we do plenty of both. Considering all the relations and friends, there is usually a birthday in most months; not to mention anniversaries, graduations and so on. Then there are seasonal events like Christmas and Easter (and I am sure religions other than Christian have similar occasions to celebrate); factor these in and there are plenty of reasons to buy and give presents. But wait, there's more! Mother's Day, Father's Day, a work colleague leaving for another job, and someone to thank for performing a particular kindness. It should be a real pleasure to buy and give these gifts; but for many, the thought that really counts is the cost.

We probably try to equal the price of what was given in previous years or, worse still, ensure that the value of our gift is similar to the one given to us on our special day by the person we are giving to. There's a lot of giving in all this, not the least being to the store-keepers and selling agents. Quite often, the overall result can be a maxed-out credit card and a feeling of resentment. And sometimes this can subconsciously be extended towards the recipients of our presents.

Maybe it's time to step back and think on what the giving of presents is supposed to mean. It is a token of appreciation, and recognition that we care; so the thought that should count is consideration of the person, their likes and dislikes, and what might be appropriate - that's where the true value lies. If this is too hard, you could always give them the money; but who really wants to do that?

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