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REVIEW of Money 21
Cutting Costs by Cooking Clever
using your kitchen appliances to advantage

Tonight I'm serving beef, mushroom, onion and cheese pies with vegetables and gravy, but I won't be using the oven. Instead, I'll do the main baking in the electric pie-maker. It can cook four at a time, so there will be a couple to freeze for later - the same power cost for the lot and much less than the oven; quicker too. The vegies will be nuked in the microwave which is not only cheaper than having three gas burners going, but also saves on water wastage because microwaves need very little compared to stove-top pans. The gravy will be cooked on the gas, but I could just as easily boil the electric jug and mix up some instant. This is all in the interests of saving time and money.

With a bit of thought, costs in the kitchen can be reduced considerably. Coupled with saving by shopping wisely, this makes a big difference to the household budget. There are plenty of cost- and labour-saving appliances available, from slow-cookers to electric roasters and grills. Let's not forget the electric frypan which can be used for many meals and sits conveniently on the bench top, freeing off the hob for other things. It is also economical to run and is easily cleaned. As for the humble flat-bed sandwich maker, aside from the obvious, we've used it for fish and bacon; and by placing the food on baking paper that folds over the top before closing the lid, the non-stick surface stays reasonably clean, usually only requiring a wipe with a damp cloth once cool.

See the full article for many more suggestions on how to make life in the kitchen less costly and time-consuming.

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