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REVIEW of Money 22
Punters and Collectors
Out of date can mean big money!

Most of us had a stamp album when we were kids; some of us collected footy cards or rocks; while for others it was dolls, soft toys, or anything that took their fancy. Even junior coin collectors probably had no thought for the market value of the items in their collections. Later in life, the penny dropped and we began to realise that there was more to old stuff than just memories. In fact, thanks to TV shows like Antiques Roadshow, it became clear that there were considerable fortunes to be made by scouring attics and basements for unused, out-dated and forgotten bric-a-brac.

Mind you, just because something like a 1940's butter dish is pushing vintage, that doesn't mean anyone will pay good money for it. On the other hand, a collector might, if it was what they were looking for to complete a set. Here's where it pays to know the market and what happens to be in vogue at the time. But, seller beware! There are schools of sharks out there simply waiting to take a huge bite out of your hard-earned cash!

This also applies to anyone who has a hankering to buy junk cheap, polish it up, then sell it for a handsome profit - it's not always as simple as it might seem. There are, however, ways to avoid getting scalped. I have listed a few collectable categories along with some of the things to watch out for if considering antiques as a possible income-earner. Whether your passion is stamps, coins, gold bullion, gems, antiques, classic cars, or motor bikes, I advise you to have a read of the full article before you jump in feet first only to discover that you didn't learn how to swim first!

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