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REVIEW of Money 23
Auctions - Going, Going, Gone!
but they aren't always as genuine as they seem

The hammer comes down. "Sold to the lady in the red hat," calls the auctioneer. Were you that lady, and did you actually bid for whatever the latest item was; or were you just there for a bit of entertainment and had to scratch your nose at the wrong time? These things do happen at auctions.

They are fun to watch, particularly when you can actually be there observing the antics of the bidders. A surreptitious tug of an ear-lobe, the barely-perceptible raising of a catalogue, or a curt nod indicate that a prospective buyer wishes to raise the bid. On occasions the reserve isn't reached - that's the minimum offer a seller is prepared to take - and the sale is discontinued. Most times, however, the auctioneer's gavel will come down and he or she will declare: "Sold!"

Most things can go to auction, from apparently thriving businesses to old and tarnished silver condiment sets. Whether buyer, seller, or just an interested observer, everyone would have to admit that the auctioneer is an artist in his or her own right and is worthy of an audience. But be aware: this particular arena can be as well-scripted and choreographed as any theatre production; and those who believe that every single one is on the up-and-up may find themselves out of pocket - BIG TIME!

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