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REVIEW of Money 24
The Household Budget
how to set it up and make it work for you

Most of us have to stick to a budget, especially on the home front, and often this encompasses so many different areas that we tend to handle it on the fly, and not always efficiently. The full article lists a number of tips for setting up a weekly or fortnightly household budget that is geared to income. Once this has been established, it is a matter of trial and error until it is seen to be working; then ensuring it continues to do so. That's not always easy; but, as far as money is concerned, when there's more going out than coming in, success is absolutely necessary.

Planning is a major factor for getting on top of things, and the article suggests ways to customise your own approach. Over-spending can be avoided with a little forethought, in particular when expenses are on-going and taken for granted. Power bills and telephone plans are in this category. Then there are the periodic ones like insurance and vehicle registration, not to mention loan repayments. All have to be factored into the weekly budget over and above the shopping list, medical expenses, memberships of clubs, credit-card repayments, birthday and Christmas presents, and a host of other money-eaters that are seemingly incidental. When lumped together and coming along at an inconvenient time, they can really hurt unless catered for up front.

Even if you are pretty sure you are managing as well as anyone can, take time for a read: there may be something you have missed.

To read the complete article or download the PDF of Money 24 click here

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