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REVIEW of Money 25
If It's Important, File It!
save time and stress with a good filing system

Being organised at work is an acceptable practice; at home, however, why bother? Things get done, bills are paid on time - well, usually - and most expenses can be dealt with on-line. Not all, though. In some instances, accounts and statements continue to be sent in hardcopy; so too those school permission forms. Then there are legal documents, agreements between individuals and trades-people or institutions; and let's not forget receipts for the weekly shop and that new Blue Ray player. At some stage, maybe way down the track, that seemingly insignificant piece of paper could be needed; particularly when a payment is disputed, or an appliance develops a fault and is thought to be still be under warranty.

So, what happened to the paper proof of purchase? It isn't on the fridge where it would normally be; nor in the drawer with the bank statements and suchlike. In the bedroom then, or on the computer desk? Surely it won't still be on the breakfast bar with all the other junk? Following an extensive search generating considerable stress, the missing document seems to have been swallowed by a black hole!

This isn't a fictional story. For many it is the way things are and have always been; but with a little thought and simple organisation, this wasteful tradition can be rectified. As the title of the article says: if it's important, file it! Concertina files are relatively cheap, as are lever-arch files. Paperwork consigned to these at the earliest opportunity will be to hand immediately when required. This isn't rocket science and can be set up quite quickly. To learn the ins and outs, have a read of the full article.

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