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REVIEW of Money 27
You Can't Take it With You
spending your kids' inheritance before it's too late

How many times have you seen that sign on the back of a caravan or camper - spending our kids' inheritance? It's bound to raise a smile or two, then you overtake them and you're gone, off to carry on with your life the way you always have. One day, maybe, you will have acquired enough of the necessary to follow in the wheel-tracks of these wise, grey nomads. One day; but will it ever come; and if it does, what kind of shape will you be in by then?

In the main article, I tell the sad tale of a friend who worked towards that day all of his life, only to be defeated at the last moment by a tiny glitch in his brain, a stroke that left him physically and mentally unfit to realise his dream. Certainly his kids will benefit, less what has to be paid out on medical and care facilities. Had he not left it too late, he might have been enjoying the fruits of all that labour right now.

Here's a choice we all have; but will we take notice of someone else's misfortune and learn from it; or just continue to believe that it could never happen to us?

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