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REVIEW of Money 28
Don't Be Fooled by Scammers
They are only interested in taking your money

The Internet is a haven for scammers; but it isn't the only medium or place where the unwary can lose hundreds or thousands to tricksters. On-line dating can easily come back to bite, especially when the prospective partner is overseas and requests payments to cover costs in order to meet in person. The main trouble is that profiles of individuals and/or businesses may be completely fictitious - how would you know? The chances are, if they want your money you will get nothing in return.

Classic scams are those involving windfalls that seem very tempting. A law firm contacts a person claiming that they have come into an inheritance. Their company merely charges a percentage only once the deal is finalised. There are, however, certain legal costs to be met to facilitate this, and the beneficiary will be expected to pay these up front. Similarly, being advised that you have won money in some competition or lottery. Once the fees and taxes have been paid - by you - the total prize will be yours. Don't be fooled.

These are just brief examples of scams doing the rounds. The full article covers many more, including door-to-door and phone criminals. Be aware of them and have a look at some advice on how to protect yourself and your hard-earned cash. What you should never do is give out personal and financial details over the phone or via the Internet; not unless you can be absolutely certain that the requests are from a trustworthy and genuine source.

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