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Working with Microsoft Word - Introduction

Over the coming months we will be publishing a series of tutorials as a guide to working with Microsoft Word. They will begin from the very basics which are intended to help those who are either new to this word-processing program, or have only a limited understanding of its uses. As the tutorials progress, more advanced techniques and formatting will be introduced.

Formatting is a word that will crop up frequently, but don't be intimidated by it. You employ it yourself when you set an alarm on a clock, or the ring tones on your mobile phone. It could be said that taking a young dog to puppy school is very similar. All it means is that you are adapting what you started with to behave in a way that is better suited to you.

Aside from the first tutorial, those following are quite long, so they have been divided into parts, making it easier for someone who is unfamiliar with Microsoft Word to move forward at their own pace. People, however, with greater knowledge may be tempted to shortcut the step-by-step instructions, using time-saving methods already known. This is inadvisable, as even missing small concepts dealt with earlier could result in misunderstandings later down the track.

The idea of Working with Microsoft Word is to build slowly to the point where projects from simple tasks like composing a letter, to creating an impressive glossy brochure or presentation will not only be made easy, but can become an enjoyable challenge.

For illustrated examples, go to the introduction PDF.

This Working with Microsoft Word Tutorial has been created in Microsoft Word 2007 which later versions will be able to read. However, some procedures and menus have been updated since then. I have trialled the Tutorial in Word 365 and have included some important changes which can be found in the Addendum at the end of each Tutorial. It is suggested that 365 Users read this first before starting each new Tutorial.

Tutorial 1.   Learn about some of the basic Microsoft Word tools, where to find them, and How-to use them properly. You can do more than just type words in a document. They can be positioned centrally, placed on the left or right of a page with a click of the mouse; but it is often quicker using the keyboard. Go through this Tutorial from start to finish and discover how easy it is to change the overall look of a document employing different fonts and styles. And you will be taught how to skip from one part of the text to another in a tap. Even if you are already familiar with Microsoft Word, do yourself a favour and work through this first Tutorial before moving on. Retain complete control of your work by creating it from the ground up - then, in just a jiffy, you'll know how to fix those mistakes which everyone makes.

Click here for Tutorial 1.

Tutorial 2. In this section you will learn some basic editing techniques. They will familiarise you with easy ways to move single words or blocks of text to a different place in the document. You will learn about: deleting, cutting, copying and pasting. There are also tips on quick ways to move around your document using the keyboard. Included will be an important Microsoft Windows procedure for Organising Your Word Documents.

Click here for the second lesson Tutorial 2.

Tutorial 3.   The third tutorial in this series will teach you How-to import text from other documents; and even from the Internet. The copying procedures will be useful for many future tasks. There is additional advice on Windows Explorer which will be useful when creating and saving new files to your personal WORD Folder.

You will also be creating 3 new documents and compiling a Keyboard Shortcuts file as a quick reference that you can add to as you progress through the course.

Click here for the third lesson Tutorial 3.

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