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Working with Microsoft Word

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If you use your computer to type letters, lists or other documents, you will know how convenient it is; certainly much better than the old typewriter. With Microsoft Word there are simple ways to give your word processing that professional touch. This series of Tutorials guides you from the very basics through to some of the more advanced skills. You will be able to create and edit documents with ease; and later start building a hard-copy book, whether it be for your own recipes, a personal diary, or even a novel. Microsoft Word truly is something special. Follow through our How-to step-by-step Tutorials and be amazed by what you can achieve.

Tutorial 1.   Learn about some of the basic Microsoft Word tools, where to find them, and How-to use them properly. You can do more than just type words in a document. They can be positioned centrally, placed on the left or right of a page with a click of the mouse; but it is often quicker using the keyboard. Go through this Tutorial from start to finish and discover how easy it is to change the overall look of a document employing different fonts and styles. And you will be taught how to skip from one part of the text to another in a tap. Even if you are already familiar with Microsoft Word, do yourself a favour and work through this first Tutorial before moving on. Retain complete control of your work by creating it from the ground up - then, in just a jiffy, you'll know how to fix those mistakes which everyone makes.

Click here for the first lesson Tutorial 1.

Tutorial 2. In this section you will learn some basic editing techniques. They will familiarise you with easy ways to move single words or blocks of text to a different place in the document. You will learn about: deleting, cutting, copying and pasting. There are also tips on quick ways to move around your document using the keyboard. Included will be an important Microsoft Windows procedure for Organising Your Word Documents.

Click here for the second lesson Tutorial 2.

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