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Buy Superseded and Save

A company which has already established a good reputation in a particular field may consider diversifying into another. It could be that management sees potential there and believes it worth exploring. Sometimes this works and the new line of goods produced is of a similar quality to the originals which made them a household name. As before, the launch of the new range can benefit buyers taking advantage of promotional specials, presumably guaranteed by what has become a trusted icon. Then there are the not-so-good, even the complete disasters that have dissatisfied customers thinking they have been conned by the well-known brand name. I have been caught this way and am now very wary of any manufacturer stepping out of their area of apparent expertise. I won't turn my back on them completely, but I'll watch and wait until their products prove they are worth sinking my money into.

Heavy market pressure is not just on the new boys, but every player, established or not. To win your approval they must be constantly on their toes, offering the very latest innovations and upgrades. These may look terrific, streets better than last year's version, but can you trust them to be as good? They might be worth consideration if they are the second or third in a series. Cars are an excellent example of this, and how competition drives the market. A particular design that has been around for a few years is only still available because it has been very popular. The overall look hasn't changed much from the time it was first introduced, but thanks to subsequent upgrades, each new version is better than its predecessors. You'd think something this reliable would be available forever, but with other makers putting out their new designs, any manufacturer who doesn't follow suit will be left behind. So, this almost-perfect unit is overshadowed by a flashy new design that has the lines everyone is looking for - that's why you can't tell one brand from the other unless you get up close enough to see the badge. Is this same-same dazzler the one for you, or would you prefer to stick with last year's model that has proved itself? Maybe it isn't quite as modern-looking, but at least it has retained its individualism and a sense of style. It is probably better and, being the superseded model, it should be cheaper.

Electronics is one of those areas littered with traps for the unsuspecting buyer, but it can also be a bargain-hunter's paradise. Most of the goods are made in Asian countries at ridiculously low costs and competition between brands is ferocious, so shopping around is the way to go. Computers, of course, quickly depreciate in value because the next model with the latest features always seems to become available just after buying what was thought to be unsurpassed. Here's one instance where you never have to wait long to get the previous model cheaper. As long as it does what is required of it, why go for the "new", more expensive package which will also be out of date in less than a month? Entertainment units tend to follow similar trends, but they take it a step further by playing around with the actual formats. Once it was good enough to be able to get a picture, any kind of picture, on the old TV. Now there are different types of screens in a range of sizes. As for line-in accessories, standard DVD player/recorders are still available, but there are also Blu-ray and smart 3D modules. I wouldn’t presume to say these are the latest - by the time this article goes on the website, who knows what will be in the stores? However, any item that is barely out-dated should be on sale at a special price and is worth consideration. Just bear in mind the earlier advice about names and reputations.

By pausing before you jump in, you can save a great deal of money and will have less regrets after the fact. Whenever you are in the market for something new, check around first to see what’s available, at what cost, and how much the superseded model is in comparison. Try not to be sucked in by current, must-have advertising. Wait and see what happens to others who buy before you do. Preferably, go with what you already know to be reliable and long-lasting. Then, you can keep your extra cash in your pocket and your impulse buying to the cheaper stuff – like candy bars at the supermarket checkout!

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