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5.20 pm: Jill should have had preparations for dinner underway, but she seems to have spent more time in the car than the kitchen. Following a return trip to the school for Jenny's homework which her daughter left in her desk, there was extra shopping she suddenly realised she needed. By then, the fuel was running low for the second time that day and she was on the wrong side of town, yet again! So it was another ten bucks from the max-price servo before racing home to put the roast in the oven. That won't be ready till seven, okay for the dinner party, but the kids will want feeding before then so they'll have to settle for take-out. Maybe Jack can pick some up on his way home from work?

He has already left the office, late as it happens, and is stuck in the world's longest traffic jam when he receives Jill's call. Thank you very much! - more to worry about. For the next half hour he does his best to make up time, frequently hooning from lane to lane, only to discover the one he'd just left is going faster than the one he changed to. Eventually, Jack is on the freeway and just starting to relax when disaster strikes. The clutch is probably red hot from riding it for so long and it finally gives up the ghost. There's no point calling roadside assist because he forgot to pay the current premium, so he'll have to phone Jill for a lift and leave the car to be sorted out later, at his expense.

Jack and Jill Average collapsed into bed at one thirty next morning, totally exhausted following a day that might be best described as a total train-wreck. Whether they will learn from the experience is anyone's guess. Perhaps they might, if they are prepared to consider:

Most vehicle owners are actually good drivers. There are a few who cause the rest of us problems with their careless habits and lack of consideration, but they are usually recognisable from a distance and their dangerous antics can be allowed for in advance. Not having to react in panic saves on stress and also keeps running costs down.

As for the vehicle itself which is, after all, the main focus of this issue, think back to the days before the internal combustion engine when the horse was the common form of transport. The animal wouldn't last long without a fair amount of TLC, and the modern car is no different. Treat it with respect and it will serve you well. All it takes is a little extra consideration.

Jack and Jill would be advised to be mindful of this. They might benefit further by taking a look at other pertinent articles such as: Money Matters 07 - On The Road Again; and Focus 13 - Time Management. A short read could help them towards a far better solution to their problems than a sheet of brown paper soaked in vinegar!

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