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You can't take it with you

Putting it in perspective, these lucky people are probably already getting on a bit and are in their 50's or 60's. Younger generations will eventually reach that stage and may have a yearning to become grey nomads themselves; but, for now they convince themselves that there is no option but to soldier on. Maybe so: everyone has to live, progress, and the kids can't pay their own school fees or feed themselves; and if their clothes don't have designer labels they whinge like blazes. With a blink and a sigh they are back on the Yellow Brick Road and OZ is way beyond the horizon.

STOP! It may not be practical to throw caution to the wind and take early retirement, but do you truly have to be so cruel to yourself? Surely you can take a break once in a while, do something that will help recharge the batteries, relieve stress and make you a healthier, happier person? You might have your heart set on an extended vacation in a tropical paradise, or aboard a luxury ocean liner; some day in the future, though. What if that day never comes; instead the one that does is like Sam's; what then? I can almost guarantee if that happens, you'll be looking back in regret, wishing you'd eased up a bit, perhaps taken a break when the opportunity arose, something simpler that wouldn't have cost the earth. The dream would still have been there; and that lesser taster might have helped make it happen. No, those interim rewards could never be quite the same; but think of them as investments for the future, stepping stones taking you through to retirement in good enough condition to finally appreciate it.

Life is what you make of it. You can only sit in one chair at a time, and as long as it's comfortable, does it really matter that it didn't cost a fortune? You can't take that with you either, so enjoy it while you can.


FOOTNOTE: Our New Year's resolution - to relax the pressure and reduce stress. So, in future we will continue publishing Money Matters articles at the beginning of each second month, but won't be advertising the subject beforehand. Hope you don't mind.

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