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A Visitor's Guide to the Real Australia - part 2

DEET: Diethyl-meta-toluamide, a highly effective insect repellant developed by the US Army for the protection of personnel engaged in jungle warfare. Mossies hate the smell which masks the perspiration and breath of their victims - that's how they usually find you!
Dunny-budgies: a dunny is an outside toilet and the flies that hang around are often the coloured, irridescent ones known as bluebottles in the UK. Ours are usually green, like the native budgerigar.
EPIRB: a personal emergency beacon. When activated, it sends a signal to a monitoring service which is able to pin-point the exact location of the device.
(the) Flick: to give someone/something the flick is to instantly dismiss, usually because they/it are deemed unnecessary, irrelevant, or simply a pain.
Galah: idiot, clown, silly or stupid person. Also a pink-and-grey cockatoo.
Have a lend (of): play a joke on, take the rise/mickey out of, trick or fool.
March flies: much larger than ordinary or bush flies, these are about the size of blow-flies (blowies), but they are much slower buzzing around, and they bite! Fortunately, as the name implies, they are usually only around for that month.
Mongrel: a person of questionable character with little or no integrity. Can be applied to inanimate objects that refuse to behave as they should. Also an animal, particularly a dog, of mixed lineage.
Mozzie(s): mosquitoes. Especially in the tropics, some of these carry disease and should be regarded as a serious health risk. Loose-fitting clothes such as long-sleeved shirts and full-length trousers are advisable. Also a good insect repellant containing DEET - cheaper versions without this chemical aren't necessarily effective. Even down south it is best to check with the locals because mozzies in some areas can inflict Ross River and Barmah Forest viruses.
Oz: Australia.
Punt: derives from the long kick in football, particularly Aussie Rules and Gridiron. Because the ball is in the air so long, which side gets it can't be guaranteed. In everyday terms, a punt is a long shot, a bit of a chance, a risk, a gamble.
The Lap: traditionally, the main highways taking travellers right around the country. Doing The Lap is still the favourite occupation of retirees; and although costs of fuel and site fees have become expensive, these Grey Nomads drive on, towing their caravans and making the most of Oz while spending their children's inheritance.
RAC-man: the agent of the Royal Automobile Club, and roadside-assist mechanic. Different States have their own independant organisation, but generally offer reciprocal arrangements for members on tour. Anyone driving themselves for extended periods would be wise to join.
Raft (of): a lot, plentiful, a host, a considerable amount.
Raw prawn: a cheat or swindler. A person who thinks only of themself at the expensive of others, particularly friends. One who goes back on their word, or does the dirty on someone.
Ranger station: the base from which a Park Ranger operates, often incorporating his or her accomodation. Larger parks may also have tourist information centres and souvenir shops. Staff and/or the Ranger will be happy to advise on places of interest in the area, plus any local hazards to be avoided and road closures that might be a problem.
Roadhouse: in Australia, these are more than simple fuel stops. Because of the great distances betweeen populated areas, roadhouses generally offer restaurant or cafe meals and take-away snacks. Some have motel-style accomodation and even camping facilities. Parking areas are usually expansive to cater for trucks and road-trains (prime-movers hauling a number of trailers), so leave your car in a spot where it isn't going to get crunched!

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