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Privacy Statement

A Season of Happiness would like to assure you that, as a valued visitor to our website, you may come and go as you please without obligation and in the knowledge that your privacy will, at all times, be respected by us.

In order to improve A Season of Happiness website and our services to you, we collect and analyse information relating to the browsing habits of our visitors - in other words, which pages are visited, whether any are printed, etc. This information is purely statistical and not personally connected to you, ensuring your complete anonymity.

Should you wish to contact us at A Season of Happiness, your name, email address and any other personal details included in your communication will not be divulged to any third party without your consent. Neither will the content of your email be used, in part or in whole, in any publication of A Season of Happiness without your prior written permission.

Except during the course of any current or on-going mutual business dealings, A Season of Happiness will not contact your email address with any promotional material or news unless previously requested by you. You may, however, receive communications or promotional material via our resellers, such communications being subject to the privacy policy of the reseller.

Any purchases made via links from A Season of Happiness website will be transacted by secure resellers chosen by us for their integrity and trustworthiness. In order to complete a business transaction, a buyer will be required to provide information to the authorised reseller subject to that reseller's privacy policy.

Whereas A Season of Happiness takes great care to verify the content, integrity and practices of any website linked to A Season of Happiness, we cannot guarantee that their policies are the same as ours.

Because we are concerned that your privacy is not compromised, security measures have been employed to ensure that A Season of Happiness website is as safe as possible from malicious and invasive practices. However, we recommend caution when entering websites which are not authenticated as safe by your Internet Security Manager.

If you wish to comment on, or have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us by email: info(at)aseasonofhappiness(dot)com. It would also be appreciated if you notify us of any associations, endorsements, links, or references to a Season Of Happiness website or any of its content which appear unlikely to have been agreed to by us, or may compromise the integrity and security of our website and good name.

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