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About Self-Help Books and Remedies

There are plenty of them around. Many are truly helpful in a practical sense. Others offer paths to enlightenment and philosophies for contemplation. Some appear, at first glance, to be little more than poetic muses. However they are presented, as long as readers can benefit and succeed in making their lives better, self-help books and remedies are well-worth considering.

But not all ills can be cured by a few choice words and a change in attitude. Wise though they seem to be, authors can only generalise. Readers should be mindful of this and understand that what can work for the majority, could be potentially dangerous for a few.

An individual may be close to that line which signifies he or she is really beyond self-help. They may even have crossed it, but their independence or state of mind won't allow them to admit the possibility. Perhaps the cause of their inability to cope is too complex to fathom rationally and objectively. Indeed, their problems could have reached the stage where their physical or psychological health is already suffering.

If you recognise these signs in yourself, self-help would, at best, be a band-aid solution and should no longer be considered a wise option. Please seek qualified professional help. If you notice the signs in another, try to coax them into doing the same. It really is a matter of life and death. Melodramatic, or not, that's the simple truth.

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