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hypnotic purple eyes in a sinister watery background
by Vin Jackson

  The floating exploration rig, Olympian, is drilling for oil. It has a crew of 80 tough, no-nonsense oilmen capable of handling anything. So they think. But Scott Reef #8 isn't just a jinx - it will prove to be one hole too many.

   There's something down there apart from sea and mud that seems to think they're here for fun. The rules of Its game are simple - play or die; the prize for winning - Olympian.

  The only one on board who understands the situation is the toolpusher, Del Presswood. With each new event the whelp is coming to know him, enabling it to stay one step ahead, ensuring his warnings about the dangers are ignored.

  If Del doesn't do something, and fast, he is going to lose the rig and his entire crew. For their sakes, this is one game he has to win.  But time is running out!

Get a good feel for The Devil's Whelp before you buy.

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