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REVIEW of Focus 19
Last day of Your Life
What will you do in your final 24 hours?

People have been predicting Doomsday for centuries. Generally, the warnings are ignored; but what if the next one is the real deal? What if there was every certainty that tomorrow would be your last day on this Earth? Perhaps you have already drawn up a bucket-list; but many of the wishes on it were made on the understanding that there would be time to accomplish them. This hypothetical scenario, however, precludes most. Round-the-world cruises are out of the question. A sky-dive might be possible; always assuming it could be arranged for tomorrow and the plane wasn't too far away. As for making your first million and building that mansion - forget it. The simpler things of life are the only options.

What would you consider important enough to want to experience it one last time? For the majority it would probably centre on relationships, spending those final hours with friends and loved ones. But maybe you are separated and distance is a problem. A phone call, then: just hearing the sound of their voice would be better than nothing. When did you make the effort to contact them last? If it was yesterday, that's fine; but weeks, months, years...? We always seem to leave these things too long.

And here's the point of this bizarre exercise - to think on what truly matters; in effect, what you believe to be those precious moments that make your life worthwhile. Put on hold in favour of other more materialistic things could find you looking back in regret because there's no time left for what really matters to you. How about experiencing a few of them right now, before it's too late?

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