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The Last Day of Your Life
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What will you do in your final 24 hours?

You have just discovered that tomorrow will be it - no messing, no reprieve, no waking up from a bad dream: simply IT! Get real, you think: here's a forecast you can take with a pinch of salt. After all, loonies have been predicting doomsday, seemingly forever. In the past, practicalities always brought you back to earth - the new deal to broker; the weekly get-together with friends; and the car's going in for a service. No, you say, tomorrow's definitely out - too inconvenient: perhaps next week... Hey, people, this is for real - there won't be any next week!

Could it happen? Nobody knows. Does it matter? Well, life is about experiences, and you've already had a few. From birth to now you have seen a lot; maybe not as much as you would have liked, but a fair bit. Faced with the prospect of seeing very little else, would you be satisfied with only memories; or will you get out there for one last hurrah?

Dismiss the idea as rubbish if you like. I'm not saying it isn't; in fact, even if our world is destined to end one day, which is an eventual scientific certainty, the likelihood of knowing exactly when is less than minuscule. So, you'll have to do what you do each time you read a fictional novel, or watch a movie - suspend disbelief and rely on your imagination: come along with me and pretend. What you find out about yourself and your inner desires may surprise you...

The world, your life, everything will be gone in 24 hours, starting from midnight tonight. The first thought might be to draft a bucket list if you don't already have one. Would you really waste the precious time left to write it down? Think about it: if you live in New Orleans, an Antarctic cruise would be out of the question - you'd be toast before you saw your first penguin! Maybe you've always wanted to play the piano. With luck, your "Chopsticks" might sound half-good by closing time, always assuming you can access a piano. People are often asked whom they would love to meet: unless they live in the same suburb, there won't be time to knock on their door. All of these are simply dreams that can never be realised.

So far, expedience and convenience have governed your life. This particular time, however, requires extra-special consideration because it can never be repeated. The weather is one element that has often been an influential factor; but not now. Those stormy conditions that would probably have kept you indoors are more of an invitation than a deterrent. I doubt you'd just sit around reading a book or watching a DVD - you've got the rest of eternity to relax. You ought to be craving things to see and do which will stimulate your senses like never before. Restricted though you are by both time and practicalities, my guess is you'll want to give this final day your best shot.

Twelve o'clock chimes and you have 24 hours left. What will you do? To decide, you must first know who you truly are - you, that is, not some person you've sculpted for the benefit of others. Your inner feelings, your heart's desire, if you like, will tell you; if you only take the trouble to listen.

Maybe you're the kind that finds deep thought easier with something to drink and eat. Alcohol is out - you have to keep a clear head - so coffee would seem to be the go, one hot and strong with more sugar than is good for you; but who's around to wag the finger? Same with the accompanying fry-up of bacon, eggs, sausage, kidneys, fried-potatoes and mushrooms. You love the stuff, but have been on a diet for ages. Now, you figure, the condemned has the right to enjoy one last hearty meal. It's doubtful you'll be able to finish it, - the adrenalin's pumping, and you have to get going. Where to though, and to do what? Your true personality will decide.

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