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REVIEW of Focus 22
Tips for Students, Budding Authors and Writers in General

Occasionally people are told: "You've had a really interesting life. You ought to write a book." Then there are those who read a novel and are sure they could have made a better job of it. Perhaps a eulogy needs composing, or a speech for a wedding reception. This is story-telling and it's not as hard as it might at first seem. Apart from which, once the basics are learned, a great deal of pleasure can be derived from creating both factual and fictional works which are satisfying in themselves, and can help the writer improve those communication skills needed in everyday life.

In the article I have used John Steinbeck's short story "Of Mice and Men" to explain the fundamentals of turning an ordinary situation into something entertaining and special. Interestingly, he borrowed the idea from a Robert Burns quote: "The best laid plans of mice and men gang aft aglay," meaning that no matter how perfect the beginning might appear, a happy ending is never guaranteed. Herein lays the story-teller's edge: the imagination to take a predictable situation and turn it into something extraordinary. If you are serious about writing fiction, always ask yourself the question - WHAT IF?

Are we descended from apes; or were we put here by aliens from a dying planet? Was Robin Hood really the good guy as legend proclaims? These are stories-in-the-making; and there's an author out there who can turn them into literary classics. Are you that author?

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