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The Gift of Sight

Q:  I'm seeing Spots…Should I worry?

A:  If there is a sudden increase in spots and associated flashing, if they are in a constant position or increasing in size, make an appointment immediately. If they are small in number, not associated with other signs and they move out of your vision when you try to look at them, tell us at your next visit. When in doubt, come in.

Q: Why do I see flashing lights?

A:  Can be associated with migraines or may be an indication of retinal or vitreous detachment and should be investigated. Make an appointment to be seen.

Q:  What is Vision Training?

A:  An individual programme of home and/or office exercises to improve a variety of visual anomalies. Sight, prescription, binocular co-ordination (squints and lazy eyes), visual perceptual delays (often evident in people with reading difficulties). Sports enhancement.

Q:  What is Visual Perception?

A:  The interpretation of what is seen rather than the clarity of sight. The organisation of what is seen into useful visual information. This is the precursor to the specific skills used in written language, for instance.

Q:  What are cataracts?

A:  Opacification of the lens inside your eye. Usually caused by age and UV exposure but may be caused by trauma, radiation, diet and medication. Cataracts cause blur and distortion of lights.

Q:  What is Amblyopia?

A:  Often referred to as a "lazy eye". When the sight is reduced below normal and cannot be corrected by the simple use of glasses, contact lenses or visual aids.

Q:  What is Strabismus?

A:  When one or both eyes turn in or out - either constantly or intermittently.

Q:  Can you fix colour blindness?

A:  No. Colour defects are inherited defects affecting the colour sensitive cones in the retina. It is important to know if you have a colour deficiency as it can influence what careers (studies) you may do and may affect driving safety.

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