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The Gift of Sight


Even healthy eyes can be helped by maintaining good habits,
especially from an early age:

Protect yourself from UV light.  Whilst sunlight is generally good for us, the UV light can be damaging to the skin, the outside of the eye and also the lens and macula inside the eye.
You don't need sunglasses to protect your eyes from the UV; you need to:
a)  Wear a broad brimmed hat.
b)  Wear: lenses that block the UV - this can be your clear prescription lenses or safety specs; sunglasses with little or no tint. This is particularly important when around sand and water or playing sports like tennis with reflective surfaces and where you are looking up and down.
IF you are glare-sensitive then find the tint (sunglasses) that makes you feel comfortable.


1)  Eat well. A healthy body means a healthy eye. Make sure you have a balanced diet not high in sugars, salts and fats. That doesn't mean none! Water rather than carbonated or sweet drinks is good. Green leafy vegetables are good.
2)  Vary the tasks that you do often and MOVE. No longer than 40 minutes at the books, computers, electronic games without getting up and moving around. Less time should be spent doing concentrated near tasks by younger children. Another technique to reduce strain is close your eyes, or look up and away from the books or screen when you are thinking, before returning to type or read.
3)  Have good lighting: higher light levels (natural daylight is best) make for better, more-relaxed focussing. Have the light close to your work and over your shoulder, rather than in front of you where it can be a glare source. Even young people who can work in lower lighting will get more tired, and this can create additional problems when concentrating in poorer light.
4)  Have good posture - no closer to your work than where your arm forms a right angle. The distance between your knuckle when making a fist, placed under your chin, and your elbow is the right distance for everyone.
5)  Have your eyes checked regularly - even if you think your sight is good. Many conditions can be free of symptoms until it is too late to fix!

We extend our thanks to Gary for what we hope will be timely advice, giving all of you the chance to see your future more clearly.

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