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In Case of Emergency

What is that special something we simply don't want to lose? There may be certain essentials that you might need and only you know about. Take a little time to consider these so that they can be put in the "grab-and-go" bag. Remember that anything you want to take must be small and easily portable. In an emergency situation, just enough will have to do. Obviously this will differ from person to person, and most of us prize certain things more than others. Some are just too big and heavy to consider, but memorabilia such as photographs can be catered for. Most of us have them on the computer somewhere. It's a bit of a plod, but all of these images can be backed up to discs or a plug-in hard-drive - don't trust USB flash-drives: they aren't designed for long-term storage. Even old letters and postcards can be scanned and saved as image files. I realise these pictures will only be digital copies, but surely that's something.

One final consideration. Accidents can leave a person unconscious or unable to communicate. Some may be wearing bracelets or pendants advising of a medical condition and these can be instantly checked by paramedics prior to any treatment being given. They may, however, need more information than can be engraved on a small area, so carry a piece of paper or card in your wallet or purse outlining the necessary details, and include the phone number of an emergency contact. A further safeguard is to set up your mobile phone or Ipad with an ICE contact or two. Simply go to the phone address book and input "ICE" followed by the person's name, number and perhaps their relationship to you. If you need more than one, list them as "ICE1", "ICE2", etc. Anyone wishing to access this information can do so via the phonebook, as long as it isn't password-protected. For more details, Google: "In Case of Emergency".

I can honestly say now is the right time for everyone to plan ahead. In light of the recent extremes of global weather, we are all at risk. In most countries, the authorities are ready to cope with major disasters and minor emergencies, but it may take them a while to reach the seat of the problem. In a few past cases, relief for the victims was actually days away. That's a long, long wait when you are alone, cold, wet, perhaps injured and in shock. Doesn't it make sense to give some thought and an hour or two of one single day to ensure the safety of you and yours for years to come? That's what we wish for you all, but sometimes, even our wishes don't come true.

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