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In Case of Emergency

Organising a "Grab-and-Go" bag is one way to be prepared. Remember it has to be carried, perhaps for quite a while, so it doesn't need to be huge. A waterproofed sports bag with a shoulder strap is handy, even better would be a small backpack. It will contain the basic essentials for immediate survival and safety:

The next item on the agenda should be warm clothing. This will be bulky and might have to be stowed in a separate bag. I know it sounds like overkill, but having to evacuate in the middle of the night dressed only in pyjamas isn't appealing. Don't forget hats for everyone - wide-rimmed floppies that fold up small; even baseball caps with a decent peak are better than nothing.

Now we come to the important documents. To minimise the bulk and weight, data from the originals can be transferred to a few sheets of paper kept in a plastic bag. Computer discs are fine for later, but they won't be any use without power. Items to consider recording are:

Original documents can go in the same packet:

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