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The Last Day of Your Life

Are you a romantic, a lover of people in general, or one person in particular? You wouldn't want to pass this final day alone. There would be little satisfaction if you couldn't share it. Maybe just being with the one you really care for would be enough: walking hand-in hand, gazing up at the stars and the moon. There might be time to visit your favourite place, the one with so many cherished memories. Where would that be - a high point overlooking a picturesque landscape; a spot in the dunes watching waves crashing on the shore; that city street where you first met? You could propose to your soul mate, something you've been afraid to do for so long, or you could simply repeat the words if you've said them before; and if your proposal is accepted, you can take the next step. There'll be no official ceremony, but you won't need one. The majesty of the Universe and time immemorial will bear witness to the bonding of true lovers.

If family-orientated, you might want to spend the last hours with your own - parents you haven't seen since you left home after a blazing row; siblings you've lost meaningful touch with over the years; grandchildren who have grown up too fast without you being there. Will you have the time to get to them? Even if the answer is yes, but only just, you must make the effort.

The more adventurous might give life one last shake. An avid skydiver could fancy the free-fall of a lifetime, holding off activating the chute till the very last second, or beyond. A petrol-head may wish to push the limits, not on the track which is too far away and closed anyway, but the freeway's a good alternative. Traffic cops wouldn't matter, not at the speed they intend reaching. Buzz-addicts, however, should remember that a crazy stunt could cost them a life that only has hours to run. Even so, the statement is very plain - this is who they really are.

Most will go blank and won't be able to think of anything they'd want to experience on their final day, which is a sad reflection of the way society has conditioned people. That's why happiness is so illusive, because the system can't afford for a world of individuals to discover it. If they did, they wouldn't subscribe to rules, regulations and convention - they'd simply do their own thing. For good or bad, very few would be prepared to join that revolution; but contemplating it doesn't hurt; and it can reveal some very important truths. I'll reiterate: once we know who we truly are, we can discover those things in life that we need to make us happy.

You will have figured that yet another predicted doomsday never happened when tomorrow comes; and after will be tomorrow, and tomorrow. One day, however, your brief candle will finally go out. In the few hours before it does, will you have a desire to feel the cool evening breeze on your face, listen to the finale of nature's chorus; and share past memories of a meaningful life with that special friend as you watch your Sun go down one last time?

Everyone has their own ideas of what peace, contentment and happiness mean to them. Generally, the concepts will be very simple, things that truly matter to the individual. Those elements that you picture yourself wanting to do during your very last day on earth are positive guides to what you should be searching for and trying to achieve during a lifetime. Money and security might help get you there; but, in the long run, are they the be-all and end-all? For me, I think not. For you? Well, that has to be your decision, and yours alone. Do yourself a favour - think deeply, and try to ensure you do it right.

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