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Who Knows Best?
Is the health advice you are being given any good?

There's plenty of advice on the best way to stay healthy, not all of it free, and much is contradictory. There are diet plans, fitness programs, gym memberships with personal trainers, and an abundance of health gurus, all on hand to help turn your life around. The trouble is, how do you tell the genuine experts from the money-making charlatans? Are the expensive supplements and herbal remedies really doing the job, or would you be better off without them? As for exercise, is the type that you've signed up for doing you more harm than good?

One person who will give you the truth is your doctor. If you are really serious about improving your state of health and believe the latest no-fail diet or some rigorous dance routine is the answer, hold off until you've had a complete physical by a proper medical professional. Explain your intentions and ask if there is anything you should or shouldn't do. At least then you'll have an honest opinion from someone who cares more about your health than your money!

In the meantime, understand that a quick fix usually comes unstuck pretty quick too. If you want to start doing the right thing by yourself, be sensible. Too much of a particular food type, especially the wrong sort, is not providing the essential balance that you need; and only eating rabbit's food might make you thin, but it may also make you sick! Remember: everything in moderation, nothing to excess - that's the way to go.

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