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Here's to a Healthy Lifestyle

Welcome one and all to Healthy Living, the first step to A Season Of Happiness. The idea is not to tell anyone what they should or shouldn't do with regard to getting fit and staying that way. As for eating, we have our own preferences and respect the rights of others to stick to theirs. What we would like to do is share our knowledge and experience in these areas. It's working for us, and we think some of it might work for you too.

In each article, we will discuss different aspects of the food, fitness and lifestyle conundrum which many of us struggle with. Perhaps in an ideal world we'd be able to do the right thing by ourselves and our families, but individual circumstances often make that an impossible dream. Not all of us can afford to follow strict diet and exercise regimes unless we give up our day jobs, or get a second one to pay for the extras that aren't part of our established plan.

Having said that, just because there's no spare time or cash available, it shouldn't stop us trying to improve our situation. Even small changes can benefit overall health and need not compromise the budget. In fact, many of our suggestions will not only help you to find your own way to a healthier lifestyle, but can save money into the bargain.

We have succeeded in doing this, but we did have help - from our Doctor. Consider yours as a best friend, one who will guide and advise, a concerned professional who can overview your state of health objectively and ensure that whatever you plan to do is not going to cause you harm. A fuller explanation of this caution can be found in: About Self-Help which we invite you to read before leaving our Website.

For now, however, perhaps we can get on with the article. It should give you some idea of our viewpoint and may help you to decide if we're on the same wave-length, or an entirely different planet.

Who Knows Best?

These are the times of convenience. Labour-saving devices, take-home meals, the car, computers - all there to make life easier and help us live longer. But modern society's benefits come at a price, and even if we realise we aren't as healthy as we ought to be, deciding what to do about it based on available information is confusing. The TV, our in-house mentor, tells us that a fast-food chain is offering their latest "healthy" meal-deal; some professor's research indicates that if we eat this stuff we'll end up with all kinds of nasty medical conditions; another survey claims a couple of glasses of red wine is good for us; then a different one says it's rotting our teeth. It would seem that, when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, especially with regard to diet and nutrition, informed decisions are hard when those supposedly in the know keep changing their minds and often contradict each other.

Certainly, we should take notice of any advice that can promote health and longevity, but who's right, and who's wrong? The food giants are just there to make money by pandering to our taste buds and addictions. Believe them unreservedly and we'll probably regret it later. So, what about the so-called "experts"? Just because someone's got a string of letters after their name doesn't make them an oracle. But hopefully they've used their research grant well and the results ought to be worth consideration.

Then come the no-fail diet promoters and nutritionists with their free radicals and de-toxifying supplements. They sound as if they know what they are talking about, even if we don't; and here's the trap - we are fairly ignorant regarding scientific terminology, so any mumbo-jumbo containing plenty of '-omes', '-ites' and '-ins' tricks us into believing in the assurances of the self-confessed health gurus. Should we buy their product, course, or whatever their special is this month, the only thing we're guaranteed to lose is our money.

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