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REVIEW of Health 22
keeping them alive and well

There is an instant attraction to someone who has just walked into a room, and an overwhelming desire to meet them is born. The first day in a new environment means encountering strangers who may be destined to become long-time associates, perhaps friends. Whether social or work-related, relationships matter, and they need special attention if they are to last and be of benefit.

Just as no two people are exactly alike, situations where they come into contact also differ: an approach which works at a social gathering may be considered inappropriate in the office or factory. Cultivating relationships of any kind requires thought in order to avoid making enemies of potential friends; and when the hope is for an eventual intimate liaison, knowing the right way to start and continue is essential.

The article discusses these and many more situations that are likely to impact on new and old relationships, along with some of the pitfalls and suggestions on how to avoid them in the first place; and possible steps for repairing the damage caused by an incautious word or deed.

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