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REVIEW of Health 23
Get Healthy - In Trouble If You Don't!
Do the right thing now to avoid complications later

How would you like to die before your time, or end up in a wheelchair?

I didn't pull any punches with this article because soft-soaping doesn't get the message across. This is about health, YOUR health! Maybe you are young or too busy to concern yourself with heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and all of those things that other people get. Please don't be complacent. You aren't bullet-proof and it can happen to you if you continue to ignore the advice.

Try to avoid junk food and make every effort to go back to a healthy, regular and nutritious diet. Daily exercise is very necessary; and that doesn't just mean walking to the food-cupboard or the fridge and back. If you smoke, you already know it's killing you, so be determined to cut down and eventually quit. Alcohol in small doses is most likely okay; but an excess will see your party over before you might wish. And if you are overweight or underweight, you only have to look in the mirror to convince yourself that nothing is going to change all the time you keep telling yourself: "Yeah, yeah. I'll do something about it later."

NOW is the time for making a new start to get back on track. You need to see the grandchildren and great grandchildren growing up. The bucket-list won't wait forever. Taking a bit of time out of your current schedule to do the right thing by yourself will give you the best chance of a long and happy life. Wouldn't it be worth giving it a go before it's too late?

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