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Get Healthy - In Trouble if You Don't!
Do the right thing now to avoid complications later.

You’ve probably heard it from a health expert a hundred times – you need to do something, or else… Although everyone is different, the medical conditions many will eventually suffer from are the same for all. Heart disease, diabetes, respiratory problems, cancer, and others can be genetically inherited; but plenty of people without a family history of a particular ailment can still end up with it anyway, simply thanks to complacency. The warnings are real enough; unfortunately they often fall on deaf ears. Maybe we don’t care if our lifespan could be shorter by five years, not at this moment when we aren’t even close to retirement; so we carry on having fun, putting off changes that would make a difference because they are inconvenient and the consequences too far in the future to matter. Anyway, we reason, that’s only the opinion of a complete stranger, and what would they know? Much later, we might reconsider and will probably wish for those lost years back if we are still enjoying life; but it will be a different story for those having to endure the time left to them from a wheelchair or a hospital bed. Kidding ourselves that it will never happen to us is a mistake we will have to pay for, unless we do something to prevent it – NOW!

Whether you realise it at present or not, there’s a good chance you are one of those people who are heading towards major health problems before too long. If you care enough about your continued well-being, an important starting point is a visit to your medical practitioner. During the consultation be honest about how you are feeling, especially if your concerns are psychological matters such as anxiety, stress and sleeping disorders. Ask for a thorough physical which includes blood pressure and weight, following through with any tests that may be recommended. These might be to check for levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, the presence of cancer and any other risk factors which your doctor thinks you may be susceptible to. In some instances x-rays may be thought necessary, or ultrasounds for soft-tissue problems. The likely outcome of these examinations will be:

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