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Easy Everyday Exercises

man exercising - standing

Wall Exercises (standing) - tone up shoulders, chest, arms and upper back.

Standing push-ups:
With feet slightly astride, position yourself facing a wall and just over an arm's length from it. Extend the arms to full-stretch, hands spread, now lean forward until palms are resting flat on the vertical surface.
Keeping feet planted and the back straight, bend the elbows until the forehead almost touches the wall. Then, straighten arms to return to the start position and count one. Breathe in as you bend the arms and exhale as you straighten them.

Side pushes:

man exercising - standing

Left hand (palm):   Stand close to and facing the flat section of one wall, with the left foot in line with the return wall. With feet astride, elbow bent and the arm extended out in front of the body, place the left palm on the flat of the return. Now push the palm against it with sufficient force to just take your weight off the right foot. Count one and release. Breathe deeply as before.

Left hand (back):   Keeping the left foot on the same spot, swivel on it in a clockwise direction through ninety degrees so that you are side-on to the wall you were previously facing. With the arm in the bent position, place the BACK of your hand against the wall and push outward until you feel your upper body trying to move away.
Repeat palm and back side-pushes for the right hand, reversing your position as necessary.

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