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Easy Everyday Exercises
Floor Exercises - can be done on the bed, but a firm surface is better.

man doing push-ups - kneeling

Take your time with these - don't jerk or try to get them over with too quickly. If using the floor, lay some cushioning down such as blankets or a piece of foam rubber.

Knee push-ups will strengthen the upper body, shoulders, arms and lower back.
Lay face down and place hands flat on the floor just outside the shoulders. Keeping the knees on the ground and back straight, push up with the arms until they are at full stretch.
Now lower until the body almost touches the floor, push back up for a count of one. Try to keep the spine straight and don't let it sag - breathing out and drawing in the stomach muscles as you go down may help.

Still on the floor.
man doing scissors stretch on floor

This next series is mainly for the mid-section, particularly the lower-back and stomach muscles which help to support the spine. The other straining you feel is exercising that part of your body as well.

Leg side-raises, for the hips and thighs.
Turn on the side and, keeping both legs at full stretch, raise the upper leg as far it will go comfortably.
Remember to keep the leg straight and try not to swivel the ankle. After you have completed the repetitions for one leg, turn over and do the same for the other.

Crunches strengthen stomach and lower-back muscles, essential for supporting the spine.

man doing sit-ups on floor

Laying flat on the back, bring both feet up so that the knees are bent. Place knuckles on your temples and breathe in and out a couple of times. The third time you exhale, raise head and shoulders up towards the knees as close as you can get, but avoid straining the neck.
If you are anything like me, you won't get very close - leave that to the Marines! Breathe out each time you rise.

Leg raises for back, hips and thighs.

man doing hamstring exercises on floor

Still lying on the back, keep one knee bent and straighten the other leg. Raise this as far as it will go or until you feel the hamstring stretching, then lower for a count of one. Do all repetitions for one leg before reversing to exercise the other.

Hip-twists also loosen up the lower back.

man doing lower-back exercises on floor

With knees still bent, place hands flat on the floor beside you and swivel from the waist, swinging the knees to the left, then the right. Count one for each side, so you will, in effect, be making twenty movements for ten repetitions. Don't worry too much about the hips rising, but try to keep the shoulder blades flat on the ground. I find this one very relaxing after the previous exercises.

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