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Relationships Part 3

Whether we use star-signs, intuition, past experiences, or other means, it is important to know as much as possible about whom we are sharing a particular moment with, even when that person is a business associate, or the next-door neighbour. Everyone has desires, personal issues, things they are happy to share and some they prefer remain private. Any and more of these may or may not have a bearing on the current situation; all deserve respect. If we speak words that offend or demean, the one who hears them will think less of us; but making an effort to please will be rewarded in similar fashion. Should we go out of our way to be considerate, it will be remembered fondly.

We must also be aware that new circumstances will affect existing relationships, and the signs need to be noticed. Missing subtle nuances in manner and composure can lead to the assumption that everything is the same as it was. That is never the case. All friendships change over time, and if just one party fails to appreciate this and react in accordance, they are simply showing that they are not caring as much as they should; neither about the other person, nor themself. If they don't want the relationship to continue, they just have to say so, or carry on doing nothing; but if the reverse is true, they can discover quite easily if their friend wishes the same. It is simply a matter of refreshing the relationship by treating each new day as if it is their very first meeting. Being as considerate now as then isn't difficult and the response will tell them what they need to know.

Perhaps the greatest damage to a relationship comes from taking someone else for granted. An employer may pay the staff handsomely, but a word of special thanks for a job well done costs nothing and will make a difference to all concerned. Parents who are often slaves to their children would definitely be happy to know their efforts are appreciated. As far as their private relationship with each other, the same applies. It is all very well to presume that a partner's role is accepted and enjoyed because they rarely complain. Asking if this is so and offering to help wouldn't hurt; and even when this would be impractical, the simple show of understanding can mean a great deal. People respond to kindness and consideration. Having received it, they will pass it on.

For every action there is a reaction. This is sometimes known as the butterfly principle - the effect of beating wings which disturb air in the immediate vicinity, in turn causing a breeze that moves something next to it, and so on. It's not a bad analogy with regard to relationships which also impact on themselves and others around them. In the early stages they can be up and down, flitting around much the same as this small, beautiful creature. Both need space to be what they can be, to fly free and away if they wish. Should they desire to stay close, a touch of any kind must be gentle. If these simple rules are observed, we will always have butterflies in our lives. Need I say more?

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