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Get Healthy - In Trouble if You Don't!

Aside from the real nasties hiding inside, we have a pretty fair idea about our physical and mental state. We don’t need a medical consultant to tell us to quit smoking, cut down on the alcohol, stop eating junk-food and find ways to reduce stress – we already know that. The trouble is, we refuse to listen, even to ourselves. This is usually because the remedy for the problem is a lot harder to implement than just accepting second-best and doing nothing. It is distinctly possible that we haven’t got this way overnight; and rather than ruing years of personal neglect, we should be considering two things: looking ahead to how we are likely to become if steps are not taken to stop the rot; and finding the positive motivation to fix something that needs fixing.

Any change at all will mean sacrifices. Habits, especially the ones known to be the root of the problem, must first be admitted to, and second trimmed back to the point where they are no longer a threat or can be cut out entirely. As well as overindulgence of certain food and drink, exercise comes under this umbrella too. Think about those times when you know you should be getting out for a walk or going to the gym; but you talk yourself out of doing either for some reason – you are tired after a long day; your favourite soapie is on in half an hour; the gym’s always packed on a Friday; and if no excuse comes to mind, you just confess you can’t be bothered and flop into an easy-chair. The fact is, exercise is hard; sitting on your butt isn’t! Here’s an attitude you must change. Refuse to and you will have no cause to complain when the consequences eventually hit home. They may be serious like some already mentioned; or they may not sound much more than a nuisance you’ll be able to handle, when or if they present themselves. Like arthritis – everyone expects aching joints as they get older. Believe me, it can be far worse than that. Regular exercise of the right sort won’t necessarily stop it altogether, but it can help retard the speed of development and minimise the pain that goes with it. Who wouldn’t find time to slot in half an hour of exercise a day to avoid that kind of suffering?

Quite a few readers will, by now, have clicked off in disgust. I realise I’m not saying the words they want to hear; but I am distressed by the way people in general are mistreating themselves. Obesity is on the rise like never before; youngsters are being weaned off a healthy lifestyle by drugs; cancer in all its forms is a major concern; and the ones who seem to care the least are those at risk. I know it means a disruption to the normal routine. You’ll have to put in extra effort and learn to say no more times than you ever have in the past. Friends may not understand, family even. Change could cost money; but I won’t ask what price you put on your life – you’ve heard that one too. All I will say is: you deserve better than you have been giving yourself, in particular the prospect of a continuing healthy, happy life on this wonder-filled planet.

Please, please take notice. Don’t wait for another New Year which may be too late – make that resolution now. Do it for the ones you love, as an example to others; but more importantly for yourself.

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