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Navigating within a Website

  Some sites are fairly simple with just a few pages; others like A Season of Happiness are quite complex. You will enter the website on the Index or Home page which should list the main sub-sections or services available to you. Generally, there will be a navigation bar:

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  By clicking on any of these headings you will go straight to that particular section where you may be presented with a choice of pages to view. Moving your cursor around, you should notice a change when it is over a link. Perhaps the arrow pointer will become a hand, or the text you are pointing at may switch to a different colour eg click here.
To see how this works, try clicking on our nav-bar heading, "Focus." This will take you to the TOC (table of contents) for that subject where you will find all of the articles we have published on this topic since we began.

cursor and words

  Also notice the information tab giving a brief description of what you will see if you click. Not all links display this tab, so to confirm where you will be going if you click, look to the info bar on the bottom left of the screen. This will tell you whether you will just go to another page within the site you are in (example 1), or are activating a direct link to an entirely different website (example 2):

website link   internet link

  Sometimes, images are active links. Try moving your cursor around our Home Page and check where you are likely to go using the above tips. Once there, you can navigate to a different location by simply clicking on an available link. To return to the Home Page just click Home on the navigation bar. Alternatively, you can click the Back Button

back button

  This can usually be found at the top left of the screen and will return you to the previous page. Even design features and small icons can take you somewhere else with a simple click or tap.

  Have fun, but don't get too Click or Tap Happy! You could find yourself somewhere you don't want to be!

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Where every effort has been made to be accurate and fair-minded, comments and opinions expressed on this website are based on personal experience and do not necessarily reflect the views of the wider community or those groups and institutions mentioned. A Season of Happiness and its staff accept no responsibility for any outcome based on suggestions offered. What works for us may not work for you. Please bear this in mind.

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