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When The Screen Locks Up!

It does happen on occasions, usually at an inconvenient time. You might be inclined to think it is caused by a problem in your system, which could be the case; or it might be a sign that you are the target of hackers! It can occur at any time, but we have experienced the freeze when on social media sites like Facebook or Yahoo mail. If you are in the process of logging out and suddenly find nothing, absolutely nothing seems to work, don't believe it's the site trying to stop you leaving. Their policy is free access in and out. No, what you could be experiencing is invasion by some pest or cyber criminal who has been waiting for you to open the door.

When this happens to you, try to log out. If that fails, get off the Internet immediately! We've found the following simple steps do the trick:

1) Close the (Facebook) web page and Browser if you can by clicking on the 'X' in the top right hand corner of the screen.
2) Disconnect from the Internet.

Take this action as soon as you notice the problem. The longer you delay, the more risks you face and some damage may be hard to repair. One time after experiencing the locked screen whilst on Yahoo mail, we were talking to a friend who said she'd had the same thing that very morning while working from her sporting group's web page. Not only had the hacker got into their address book; they'd removed it entirely - gone in a flash!

So, when you're on the Internet and something strange and suspicious crops up, get off quick!!!

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