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Be Careful With Emails

Isn't it great being able to send a letter which arrives almost immediately? The only cost is for the usual Internet fees which have to be paid anyway. There can be a problem, though - scammers! They can and do find their way into users' systems to gain private and confidential information about them and whomsoever they email. That includes names and addresses.

Sometimes it takes a while to discover that you, or one of your friends, have been hacked. Maybe you receive an email from an acquaintance; when you open and read it, however, it's not worded in the way they would normally write to you. Looking at the top, you could notice this same email has been sent to a number of individuals, all of whom you know, so it could be okay. Don't be fooled! It won't hurt to contact the sender to ask if it is genuine. If not, there's every chance you or one of your friends are the target of hackers, and all of you are at risk from a scam in the making.

They often start within the text where there will be a suggestion to click on a link. Unless the sender recommends it as safe, beware! Activating the link could cause more problems on top of the existing concern - how did the hackers get the addresses in the first place?

An online address book gives it to them on a plate. Even if one isn't kept, they can still get what they need from email in-boxes and sent-boxes that are stored automatically by the service provider - all sitting there waiting to be poached. So, to guard against hackers:

Don't keep an online address book.
Delete ALL emails stored by the service provider.

Before doing this, transfer any required information from them to Wordpad or similar and file off-line in the usual way. Then your personal business has a better chance of staying private and confidential, and your friends are less likely to receive bogus emails from someone claiming to be you.

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