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Big Downloads Cost Money

Those who have unlimited upload/download capacity wouldn't worry too much about this, except maybe for the length of time their system is tied up. Anyone with a limited allowance, however, needs to check the size of the file before downloading. They should also be aware of how much of their current allocation remains. If it is insufficient to capture the entire file, when it runs out they will not only have an incomplete file; they may lose the lot and have to re-download again later.

Unless they contain pictures and illustrations, most text files are usually quite small and painless to download. The ones likely to take an age while chewing up the allocation are: video games and clips, movies and TV programs. Music in Mpeg format isn't too bad, but look out for anything in .WAV or similar because these are generally large files. Photos drop into the same category: straight from the camera they can be massive, whereas a compressed version is much smaller and quality doesn't have to suffer.

The same rules apply to upload/download of emails. Sending something as an attachment, or when receiving one, smaller files take less time and cause fewer problems Whenever possible, keep the file-size of attachment contents to a satisfactory minimum; and if there are a number of separate items to go, rather than bundling them all in one, split them into individuals or batches to be sent separately. Also remember that the recipient may not have programs that are as up-to-date as yours, so save files in a format that their system will be able to read.

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