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Flashy Websites Take Time To Load

You will notice that some websites load quicker than others. The ones that seem to take forever are often littered with large files. Some may even have a video or animation, especially those advertising the products or services of an affiliated site. It's bad enough when there are delays loading the Home Page, but it becomes most annoying when you have to sit and twiddle your thumbs while every other page appears a bit at a time. Even simply going online to check emails can subject users to a barrage of adverts and news reports; and social media is often a pain too, stopping and starting as you try scrolling down a string of new and old postings.

Apart from upgrading to a unit with a faster processor, and/or subscribing to an Internet plan with a higher download speed, there's little that can be done to avoid this kind of problem. I suppose the main considerations would have to be: how long can you spare while you wait for these websites to present what they have to offer; are they eating away at your monthly download allocation; and do you have a good enough reason for needing to return there again?

This is why A Season of Happiness is designed the way it is. It may not look as cool as the flashy sites because we've limited the number of images and have compressed their file sizes so that every page will load almost instantly, even on mobile devices. We figure that's what you want - easy access in and out, able to skip around the pages quickly and without hassles - and if you can do that each time you visit without getting annoyed, hopefully you'll enjoy returning on a regular basis.

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