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Saving, Copying and Printing from an Internet Page

When on-line, there is occasionally information that needs transferring to a PC or laptop. You may even wish to print it as hard-copy. If your operating system is Microsoft Windows, listed below are a few tips for making life easier and less frustrating; however, if you don't fully understand these explanations, go to the PDF for the illustrated version. There you will find copies of the kind of images you see on-line, plus directions on what to do with them.

Let's assume you are on a webpage and there's something on it you would like to print a hard-copy of. With your printer connected, move the cursor over any block of text then right-click to bring up the options menu and choose Print... You should notice that the default page selection is "All", so if you print now, you will get the lot. To see what will be printed, use the scroll bar on the far right. Should you only want specific pages, click on the selector button beneath "All" and this will enable the page-selection box. Now, simply type in the page numbers you want in the same format as the example in the box. With this done, just click on the Print button. N.B. if the "Print..." is greyed out, copyright restricts any printing - see Footnote.

There will be times when you just want part of a page. The best way to do this is to Copy whatever you want and paste it into a blank off-line document such as Word or Wordpad. From there, you can edit the copy, or print it as normal. To copy selected text from a webpage, follow these simple steps:
Place the cursor at the beginning of the passage of text you desire, then left-click and hold while dragging to the end of your selection; or position the cursor at the start, hold down Shift and use the arrow keys to take the highlight to the end. Now, right-click inside the highlighted area, select Copy (or Ctrl+C), then paste (or Ctrl+V) this into an open Word document.

A WARNING: If you're new to this procedure, you might be tempted to try saving an entire Internet page to your PC; and by right-clicking within the text body a menu appears with a Save As... option. It seems simple enough, but the problem is that the saved file can only be opened by an Internet browser like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. You can, however, look at this off-line; and you can also copy selected passages from it as described above.

If there were any images on the webpage, these may not show up on your copy saved from the Internet. So, if it's just an image or picture you want; while on the webpage, right-click on the image for the drop-down menu. Select either Copy picture (maybe image), or Copy, then paste or Ctrl+V into your Wordpad or .doc file. You can re-size these images by clicking on one of the square handles in any CORNER of the picture, then dragging to make it bigger or smaller. Using the side handles will change the aspect ratio.

Footnote: some Websites restrict any printing, copying and saving. The only option then is to take a screen print and work with that. I'll cover this procedure in a later IT Tips.

Have a play and learn to use the Internet the way YOU want to use it. Any problems, just email us: team(at)aseasonofhappiness(dot)com.

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