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The Accident-waiting-to-happen Syndrome
genuine accidents are very rare

'Sorry, it was an accident' is a frequent excuse. Sorry again, but nine times out of ten the cause of any so-called accident is usually avoidable. Because this particular subject generally impacts on the wallet, I'm putting it in money; but it could just as easily affect health. Both are painful; and in most cases, lack of forethought is the instigator.

Being distracted is one of the main causes. The answer is a conscious effort to focus on the moment rather than a previous or future complication. Whatever happened before, or may eventuate later, be it disharmony at home or a complication in the office, nothing can be resolved while you are behind the wheel of your car. A single second of inattention can have costly, perhaps even disastrous consequences.

Everyday routines tend to require little concentration, particularly those chores which are repeated so often that they have become second nature. Most are done on auto-pilot, allowing the mind to wander through scenarios that are nothing to do with the job in hand. Even accomplished multi-taskers aren't immune from making mistakes when a particularly important issue is suddenly recalled. It may only be something simple like remembering that the gas bill should have been paid three days ago and wasn't! Most likely the heart will miss a beat, so too the auto-pilot; and in that instant a hand reaching for a porcelain vase misses by a fraction and sends it crashing to the floor. If it was just a cheap reproduction, there is little financial loss; but the time taken in the clean-up could add pressure to an already-tight schedule, increasing the potential for further misadventure.

I realise you don't need telling - you already know the right way, the sensible way; but how easy it is to forget. The other night, in just one six-o'clock news broadcast were numerous examples of what I'm talking about; and all were reported as "accidents". A teenager had his eyes glued to an I-phone when he walked out in front of a bus - a terrible accident. A man was helping a friend prune a tree. The branch he was cutting fell the wrong way. His death was alleged to be a tragic accident. A young child drowned in a backyard swimming pool. The mother claimed she only turned away for a minute. Ten seconds would have been too long. None of these were accidents; all could have been avoided with a little forethought.

That's it! A really short article it certainly is; hopefully not long enough for your thoughts to drift elsewhere. This matter is too important. I just want you to think of the right way, every day, every minute. Please keep yourself and your loved ones healthy and wealthy. All it takes is a little wisdom at the right time.

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