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Fair Dinkum - True Blue Hospitality at Wyadup

Those of you who've read any of the others in this series will know I don't pull my punches when it comes to the way it really is Downunder. Also, we're not into commercialism, so we rarely advertise businesses or products. For this one, however, I have to make an exception.

A vacation is just what's needed to get away from the hassles of everyday life, and self-drive touring is a way to see a lot in a short space of time. The drawback, however, is often a pretty chocker itinerary that can be tiring. But there is a Farm-Stay that that will re-charge the batteries. So, when your on-the-road schedule is becoming stressful, or the daily routine seems too demanding, a few days here is the perfect tonic. The only regret will be having to leave.

Wyadup Brook Cottage - Snottygobble

Snottygobble (wicked name, lovely place) is just one of a number of beautifully-designed cottages set amongst shady gums in a mini-village, each with its own grassy spot tucked away in a corner of a 250 acre working farm. Visitors are encouraged to walk wherever takes their fancy, just being mindful of closing gates and not frightening the animals. These are mainly cows, plus the resident chooks whose eggs can be bought, assuming they get around to laying them. There are also plenty of native birds, and some kangaroos that you might catch a glimpse of if you're lucky, if you're quiet. And that's the main attraction of Wyadup Brook Cottages - so quiet and relaxing - just the ticket for weary travellers and vacationers alike.

Wyadup is one of the many "ups" which are actually down in the south of Western Australia. It's a location fairly close to a reasonably large town, Dunsborough, but is also far enough away from civilisation to retain the laid-back tranquillity of country living. We found it while looking on the Internet for somewhere different, a retreat from the everyday grind where we could take our grand daughter who was recovering from mental health issues. Our short stay proved to be amazing therapy for her - no rush or fuss, no pressure to do anything she didn't want to, nothing whatever to fear. We were so impressed and captivated by the peaceful ambience of this first stay that we returned to spend Christmas there, just the two of us the second time; and it was magic.

Accommodation is similar to motel-style, but with more self-catering facilities, more space, and is far more private and homely. Apart from the cooking appliances in the kitchen, there's a gas barbecue on the back verandah which overlooks some unspoiled natural bush - an ideal spot to relax with a coldie and watch the sun go down on another good day. Anyone there in winter has the added bonus of staying warm and cosy inside with either an open log fire or a pot-belly stove.

Cottage Interior       Cottage Interior

Aside from experiencing the farm, there's plenty to see and do. By car, the beaches are only minutes away - great for a surf (this is the area where some of our top professionals hone their skills), a swim in the crystal clear sea, fishing, or maybe just a stroll along sand so clean you'd think it had been newly scrubbed. A bit further away, there's other stuff too; but you can find out about that by going onto the Wyadup Brook website for more information:

And what you'll see there is exactly what you'll get - fair dinkum.

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