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Ye Olde English Inne - Quindanning Western Australia
Ye Olde English Inne - Quindanning Western Australia

If you've a mind to visit Australia and come to the South West of WA, this is one place you really should visit. It's just a dot on the map and you will need one to find it; but even if you're only just somewhere in the region, take a detour to Quindanning. And seriously consider staying over, or you'll miss out on something really special. Rooms are best booked in advance because it's mega-popular; and keep the phone number handy in case you get lost as we did the first time. You see, there's no town, no fuel station, not even a general store. It's right in the middle of nowhere and unless you fancy a long walk, you'll need your own transport to get there; but if you follow the road signs, you'll eventually come to "Ye Olde English Inne", the Quindanning Hotel. And believe you me, it's a magical blast from the past!

The Quindanning Inne has recently been sold and is now under new management. We are hoping that the new owners will uphold the well-established high standards set, and that we will be able to continue endorsing the venue. We will be visiting again in the near future to confirm this.

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Here's the link to the Facebook page Quindanning Inne where there is a new email address.

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