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Camping Oz-style Part 2
Camp Cooking Checklist

Basic Ingredients
Flour, baking powder, cream of tartar, sodium bicarb (for cooking and cleaning)
Alternatives to fresh food - canned, dried, UHT products
Dry foods like rice, noodles and pasta
Spread (butter goes off quicker), jam, marmalade, etc
Cooking oil, salt and pepper, plus any spices
Instant gravy powder, plus stock powder
Sugar, tea, coffee, etc

Basic Equipment A 2- or 3-burner gas stove plus gas bottle, matches and a heat diffuser (see Handy Hints)
An MDF (or similar) board large enough to sit the stove on
A plastic storage container for pots and pans big enough to sit the board on
Stew pan with lid, and trivet to sit in the bottom
Round, shallow baking tin plus a stainless steel bowl, both small enough to fit in the stew pan
Set of camp cooking pans plus billy
Aluminium foil - good for lining, wrapping, and lifting out baking tins - and baking paper
Frypan or skillet plus splash cover - wrapped with foil makes a lid
Plastic bowl plus spatula
2 wooden or plastic spoons
Egg/fish slice
Measuring jug and measuring spoon set
2 or 3 sharp kitchen knives (so that someone else can give a hand with the prep work)
Potato/vegetable peeler
Cutting board
Cheese grater
Tea towels - for handling hot pans etc


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