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Seeing is BeIieving

   We've all come across photos that paint a totally different picture to the one we'd intended when we took them. Then there are those that crop up in magazines and on the internet which cause us to look twice and be amazed. Here are some we've unearthed, and we'll try adding to them over time. It truly is a wonderful world that we live in. We'd like you to appreciate some of the incidentals it has to offer.
   First up are a couple of holiday snaps donated by a relative who is so fond of us that he tries to emigrate the moment he learns we are about to visit. On this occasion he almost succeeded, making it first to London, then to Paris. Fortunately, they didn't want him and sent him back.

The way to Hogwarts

The Way to Hogwarts

   This young lad is about to follow in Harry Potter's footsteps as he makes his way to platform 9¾. It was obviously intended as an attractive tit-bit for tourists and fans of the books and movies; but according to the photographer, Peter Burton from Victoria, Australia, it was attached to the outside of King's Cross Station with few directional signs making it very difficult to find. Apparently, it has now been moved, hopefully to a location that won't need a wizard to track it down.

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